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Cloudspyre Announces Open Enrollment for Advenueture

Cloudspyre, LLC announced today that Advenueture enrollment is now open for venues within the United States. Advenueture is the company's newest app made exclusively for the iPhone.

Charlottesville Ballet App now Available for Android

Bear-Eco Technologies, LLC announced today that it's newest app, Charlottesville Ballet is now available for Android. The app follows up on the Charlottesville Ballet app that is already available for iOS devices today on the iTunes App Store.

CEO's App Won Second Place at the MoDevEast 2012 Hackathon

The Charlottesville Ballet apps primary mission is to help minimize the need for paper programs won 2nd place at the MoDevEast 2012 Hackathon. In addition to winning 2nd place, it also won best SendGrid app and best Roe Mobile Development app.

Our Present

Who We Are

Experience you can trust.

Cloudspyre LLC is a software development firm specializing in web and mobile technologies. We are dedicated to creating great software. Whether it's for the web or the mobile device, we can handle almost any size project.

Cloudspyre LLC takes pride in being a "clean IT company". In many organizations the largest consumer of environmental resources is the IT department. From power comsumption of computers and servers, to office paper waste, an IT department can contribute significantly to the company's overall environmental impact. We strive to minimize this impact and to buy from suppliers whose products help us meet this goal.

Cloudspyre® is a registered trademark of Cloudspyre, LLC.

Sales: sales@cloudspyre.com
Tech Support: support@cloudspyre.com
Press: press@cloudspyre.com

Our Future

Where We're Heading

Striving for Excellence.

Cloudspyre aspires to the be the leading provider of services for cloud-based businesses. The company continues to develop expertise in the following skill sets.

  • Salesforce.com Development
  • AWS and Azure Hosting
  • Ruby on Rails Development
  • .NET/C# Development
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • SharePoint Development and Configuration
  • Systems Architecture
  • Database Design